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Our Story

Joanne, owner of Gravesyard Apiary with husband and beekeeper Joe

At GravesYard Apiary, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality raw unfiltered honey. Our story began when my husband started beekeeping as a hobby back in 2017. As the bees produced more honey than we could consume, I turned his hobby into my side gig. After selling the honey at local farm markets for a few years, GravesYard Apiary was born.

Our Backyard Apiary

Beekeeper Joe inspecting a Gravesyard hive
Gravesyard Apiary beehive
Four Gravesyard Apiary hives

Our Vision

We want to share our experience with our customers to show them about the various benefits of local beekeeping. 

We also offer a variety of products that we sell at various locations throughout New Castle, Delaware. 

While honey is the primary product sold, we plan to expand GravesYard Apiary to include foods and wellness remedies made with raw honey.

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